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I'm a Wolf Biologist

To be a good field biologist, an individual needs more than just “book smarts.” A strong understanding of the biological sciences is definitely essential. However, there are a number of other unique skills and experiences that are necessary to be involved in the day-to-day, hands-on management of wildlife.

In this lesson, students will explore this concept in more detail. They will read an article to learn about some of the unique skills required to work with the endangered Mexican wolves in Arizona. They will learn the details of tracking wolves and how we use that information to understand wolf habitat and home range.

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Lesson Plan
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9th-12th Grades
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Language Arts


AZ Academic9th GradeScienceS1C3PO7
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Common Core: StateLit/Hist/SS/Sc/Tech9-10RST1
Common Core: StateLit/Hist/SS/Sc/Tech9-10RST2
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