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The Voyage of the MS St. Louis: The Refugees No Country Wanted

In this lesson, students will read primary and secondary sources, calculate distance, and locate places on a map to discover the history of MS St. Louis, a ship of Jewish refugee passengers that no country would accept. This lesson is designed to make students aware of an extraordinary event in history that has relevant connections today. This lesson includes strategies for teaching diverse learners.

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Lesson Plan
P-12 Grade Levels: 
8th Grade
P-12 Topic Areas: 
Social Studies


AZ Academic8th GradeSocial StudiesS2C8PO5
AZ Academic8th GradeSocial StudiesS4C1PO3
AZ Academic8th GradeSocial StudiesS4C4PO1
Common Core: StateLit/Hist/SS/Sc/Tech6-8RH1
Common Core: StateLit/Hist/SS/Sc/Tech6-8RH2
Common Core: StateLit/Hist/SS/Sc/Tech6-8RH7
Common Core: StateLit/Hist/SS/Sc/Tech6-8WHST4
National GeographyPlaces and Regions6
National GeographyThe World in Spatial Terms1
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