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Virtual Lab - Punnett Square

In this virtual lab you will use a Punnett square to find possible gene combinations and create a fictitious animal. Identify the phenotypes of offspring from a genetic cross. Use Punnett squares to identify the outcomes of genetic crosses.

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Virtual Manipulative
P-12 Grade Levels: 
8th Grade
10th Grade
11th Grade
12th Grade
9th Grade
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Deborah Clement


AZ Academic10th GradeScienceS1C2PO5
AZ Academic10th GradeScienceS1C3PO2
AZ Academic10th GradeScienceS1C3PO3
AZ Academic10th GradeScienceS2C2PO1
AZ Academic10th GradeScienceS4C2PO2
AZ Academic10th GradeScienceS4C2PO3
AZ Academic11th GradeScienceS1C2PO5
AZ Academic11th GradeScienceS1C3PO2
AZ Academic11th GradeScienceS1C3PO3
AZ Academic11th GradeScienceS2C2PO1
AZ Academic11th GradeScienceS4C2PO2
AZ Academic11th GradeScienceS4C2PO3
AZ Academic12th GradeScienceS1C2PO5
AZ Academic12th GradeScienceS1C3PO2
AZ Academic12th GradeScienceS1C3PO3
AZ Academic12th GradeScienceS2C2PO1
AZ Academic12th GradeScienceS4C2PO2
AZ Academic12th GradeScienceS4C2PO3
AZ Academic8th GradeScienceS1C2PO5
AZ Academic8th GradeScienceS1C3PO2
AZ Academic8th GradeScienceS1C3PO3
AZ Academic8th GradeScienceS2C2PO1
AZ Academic8th GradeScienceS4C2PO2
AZ Academic8th GradeScienceS4C2PO3
AZ Academic9th GradeScienceS1C2PO5
AZ Academic9th GradeScienceS1C3PO2
AZ Academic9th GradeScienceS1C3PO3
AZ Academic9th GradeScienceS2C2PO1
AZ Academic9th GradeScienceS4C2PO2
AZ Academic9th GradeScienceS4C2PO3
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