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Is There a Map in That Story?

In this lesson, students will read a written description of a place and create an accurate map of the story’s setting. They will then create their own stories using descriptive elements that could be mapped by the readers.

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Lesson Plan
P-12 Grade Levels: 
6th - 8th Grades
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Language Arts
Social Studies


AZ Academic6th GradeSocial StudiesS4C1PO1
AZ Academic6th GradeSocial StudiesS4C1PO3
AZ Academic7th GradeSocial StudiesS4C1PO1
AZ Academic7th GradeSocial StudiesS4C1PO3
AZ Academic8th GradeSocial StudiesS4C1PO1
AZ Academic8th GradeSocial StudiesS4C1PO3
Common Core: StateLit/Hist/SS/Sc/Tech6-8RH10
Common Core: StateLit/Hist/SS/Sc/Tech6-8RH7
Common Core: StateLit/Hist/SS/Sc/Tech6-8WHST4
National GeographyThe World in Spatial Terms2
National GeographyThe World in Spatial Terms3
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