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Seasoned to the Tilt

Have you ever thought about your favorite season, and why it looks and feels the way it does?  Depending on where you live, you may experience temperature-based seasons (with cold, warm, and hot months of the year), or climate-based seasons such as dry and wet. This activity will help you see and understand why Earth has seasons, and the two things that work together to make seasonal changes happen.

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Classroom Activity
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5th Grade
6th - 8th Grades
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ASU Global Institute of Sustainability


AZ Academic5th GradeScienceS1C1
AZ Academic5th GradeScienceS1C2
AZ Academic5th GradeScienceS1C3
AZ Academic5th GradeScienceS6C2PO3
Next Generation Science Standards5thSpace Systems: Stars and the Solar System
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