Sustainability Science Education: Technology Tools for Teachers
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Learn how to make stunning educational videos for free, with software that comes pre-loaded on your Mac computer. The footage we shot for this tutorial was all filmed with an iPhone 5.

If you’ve been wary to try online tools in your classroom, our casual instructional videos will show you an overview of all the things you could be doing with your class online. Ranging from presentation tools to cloud storage solutions, these web-based tools pack loads of educational potential. At Sustainability Science Education (SSE), we have found content delivery through impactful and engaging videos to be highly effective at illustrating important concepts. We've collaborated as an interdisciplinary team of educators, researchers, and designers to curate a set of clearly articulated tools that are free, available online, and helpful for introducing technology in the classroom. By condensing the overviews to just a few short minutes, teachers and students alike can breeze through new tools quickly and learn which ones can be valuable to them.

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Web 2.0 Tools
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Educational Technology


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Technology Infusion
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