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The Ghettos: Interview with George Shainfarber

In these videos, George Shainfarber talks about his experiences living in the ghetto and his struggle to fight starvation. He also mentions the many hours he was forced to work each day. George speaks about the losses in his family and how many families would fight for food because it was so scarce. 

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6th - 8th Grades
9th-12th Grades
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Social Studies


Common Core: StateLit/Hist/SS/Sc/Tech11-12RH
Common Core: StateLit/Hist/SS/Sc/Tech11-12WHST
Common Core: StateLit/Hist/SS/Sc/Tech6-8RH
Common Core: StateLit/Hist/SS/Sc/Tech6-8WHST
Common Core: StateLit/Hist/SS/Sc/Tech9-10RH
Common Core: StateLit/Hist/SS/Sc/Tech9-10WHST
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