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Get On the Track: Migration - An African-American Adventure During WW l

In this lesson, students will identify the rural to urban migration patterns that helped shape the urbanization of 20th century America.

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Lesson Plan
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7th Grade
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English Language Learners (ELL)
Language Arts
Social Studies


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AZ Academic7th GradeSocial StudiesS5C1PO2
Common Core: StateLit/Hist/SS/Sc/Tech6-8RH1
Common Core: StateLit/Hist/SS/Sc/Tech6-8RH4
Common Core: StateLit/Hist/SS/Sc/Tech6-8WHST1a
Common Core: StateLit/Hist/SS/Sc/Tech6-8WHST1b
Common Core: StateLit/Hist/SS/Sc/Tech6-8WHST1c
Common Core: StateLit/Hist/SS/Sc/Tech6-8WHST1d
Common Core: StateLit/Hist/SS/Sc/Tech6-8WHST1e
Common Core: StateLit/Hist/SS/Sc/Tech6-8WHST4
National GeographyHuman Systems12
National GeographyPlaces and Regions6
National GeographyThe Uses of Geography17
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