Teaching Foundations Project
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Creativity, Children, and the Arts

Children, Creativity, and the Arts is an interdisciplinary course that explores children’s creative processes through critical analysis, hands-on participation, and personal reflection. Students will gain an understanding of various creativity theorists and models as they apply to children’s experiences in the arts disciplines of visual arts, dance, music, theatre, and media arts. Students will gain domain knowledge specific to each arts discipline as well as transfer understandings of creativity across disciplinary boundaries.

The Teaching Foundations Project promotes the idea that "Great Learners Make Great Teachers" through delivering rigorous and highly engaging undergraduate coursework through creation, piloting, and distribution of curriculum. To find out more about The Teaching Foundations Project, read the document included below.

This instructor’s kit is not intended to be an online course, but rather a set of resources and suggested uses that might be implemented in the teaching of this particular course.

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