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5 Themes of Geography: A Basis for Understanding Geography

In this series of lessons, students will learn and apply the five themes of geography so that their study of geography can begin. Once students have mastered this geographic terminology, then students can correctly use these themes to identify how the earth is organized spatially. This lesson encompasses too many standards for various grade levels to include in this lesson plan. Therefore, Grade 5 will be featured in the AZ Geography Strand;however, this lesson is appropriate for grades 3 through high school.

Learning Resource Details

Resource Type: 
Lesson Plan
P-12 Grade Levels: 
5th Grade
6th - 8th Grades
9th-12th Grades
P-12 Topic Areas: 
Social Studies


AZ Academic5th GradeSocial StudiesS4C1PO2
AZ Academic5th GradeSocial StudiesS4C2PO2
Common Core: StateELA5RI7
Common Core: StateELA5RI9
Common Core: StateELA5W4
National GeographyThe World in Spatial Terms
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